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"Blue Knight Battlefield Seminars offers individual leadership and team development training at two great American battlefields, Gettysburg and the Little Bighorn.   A critical part of the program involves sustaining learning and momentum following these events. That effort is often thwarted by a return to daily routine with its pressing demands on time and energy. Green Chair Creations has provided a solution to that challenge for us with D~brief: A Case for Change. 

Our seminar participants are newly inspired and challenged when, following their battlefield experience, they receive the set of customized inspirational cards with quotations that they have personally chosen for themselves and their team. As they use the cards individually or in a group, the lessons from the program continue to be embedded into their daily experience, working as a catalyst for persistent critical thinking, growth, and change. Whether you are a consultant looking for ways to enhance and maintain the value of your product, or a company seeking to increase its ROI with greater results in individual and team performance, Green Chair Creations offers an excellent solution."

 ~ Jeff Appelquist, Founder, Blue Knight Battlefield Seminars

“Last year we utilized Jeannie’s services to capture the relevant points from our Human Capital and Leadership Meeting in Minneapolis, and help us translate them into an easy-to-use method of recall that we could draw from long after the meeting concluded. Jeannie developed inspirational cards with quotes that have increased the productivity of the meeting through carrying that investment forward. The content wasn’t lost three days after the meeting ended!!! I have my cards sitting in front of my computer and still draw on them now, eight months later.”

~ John Pershing, EVP Human Resources & Legal, Best Buy


“Your cards are scattered throughout my house. With the special design from the meeting, I can look at them from across the room and feel inspired. You really do give me inspiration every day.”

~ Julian Williams, Creator of Blue Tube, Best Buy


“When I opened the box of cards, just seeing the design made me feel like I was back in the meeting, and I couldn’t wait to read them.”

~ Mel Todd, HR Analyst, Best Buy