About Us

Jeannie Androsoff

Jeannie Androsoff is the Founder and President of Green Chair Creations.  Having worked as an executive assistant and business office manager for the past twenty years, supporting top executives in a Fortune 100 company, Jeannie became increasingly aware of the millions of dollars that are spent each year on corporate meetings and seminars that often result in only a marginal return on investment to companies.

After attending an inspiring three-day conference with her Human Resources team, Jeannie set out to create a product that would enable participants to return to their ‘day jobs’ without losing the inspiration and momentum of those powerful and potentially life changing events, while simultaneously providing a significant increase in ROI to the company.  That mission, coupled with her personal passion for inspiration, sustained learning, and the importance of following one’s internal compass, resulted in the birth of Green Chair Creations. 

Jeannie is also Founder and President of My Virtual EA, a company that offers virtual executive assistant services on a full or part time monthly contract basis. She enjoys reading, reading, and more reading.